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Water Treatment Ecommerce Site Open For Business

Our new E-commerce Web Site for water treatment, is ready to accept orders for many of the replacement parts you need for your industrial water treatment system!  As a Guest user, you will have access to all of the parts at list price.  You can become a Registered User by contacting Res-Kem. In future posts, I will explain the Salesforce App we use called CloudCraze to make the storefront work!

Interactive Drawing for Pentair Fleck 2750 Valve

One of the advanced features on our site are our "Interactive Drawings" for  the Pentair Fleck 2750, 2850, 2850S, 2900, 3150, 3900, 5600, 9000, 9100, and 9500 valves. You select the correct part clicking on the drawing and then putting it into your cart.  Pentair Fleck valves are very complex and the drawings make it easier to select the correct parts.

 Current Products on Ecommerce Site

  • All Pentair Fleck Valves & Parts
  • All Aquamatic Controllers, Valve Nests, Valves & Parts
  • Over 200 Cartridge Filters from multiple manufacturers
  • Sample Coolers
  • Resin Traps

Coming soon, we will be adding:

  • UV Bulbs, Sleeves and other replacement parts
  • Filter Housings
  • More Filter Manufacturers
  • Filter Media
  • Ion Exchange Resins
  • Softeners, Carbon Filters, Multi-media Filters and Sand Filters up to 48" in diameter
  • ...and more
Advantages of Becoming a Registered User:
  • Access your negotiated pricing anywhere using any web connected phone, tablet, or computer
  • Order using a purchase order, P-card, or credit card
  • View your order history and generate purchase records
  • Reorder a previous purchase
  • Save carts with frequently ordered part bundles, e.g. weekly, monthly, or annual purchases
  • Order for and ship to multiple locations
  • Have a single spare parts list and source for all of your water treatment equipment

Our Survey:

After you have visited our Ecommerce site and possibly purchased parts, please take this survey.
For More Information:
Call 800-323-1983 if you have any questions about the website.
Become a Registered User
Other Ecommerce Site FAQ's

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