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Temporary Exchange Softeners for Unplanned Equipment Repairs

Temporary, skid mounted softeners can get you back up and running when unplanned repairs are required to your in-house zeolite softeners.   Depending on the extent of the problems, repairs can take several weeks or longer.  Tanks are simply hooked up to your water source via cam-lock connections and 2" industrial Goodall hose.  As the tanks exhaust, Res-Kem will bring new tanks with regenerated resin.  No backwash is required, no salt is required and no hard piping is required. 
Skid-mounted Exchange Water Softener form Res-Kem
Skid-mounted Exchange Water Softener form Res-Kem
In order for water tube or firetube boilers to operate efficiently they need low hardness quality feedwater. If you've recently had a boiler opening and discovered scaled boilertubes due to non-functioning boiler pretreatment zeolite softeners and ineffective boiler internal chemical treatment. Res-Kem can provide ASME code 100 psig temporary skid mounted softeners good for flow ranges- 15-120 gpm. These tanks can be provided within a 150 miles radius of our locations in near Philadelphia, PA, New Britain, CT, Avon, MA and Colonial Heights, VA.

The tanks are delivered via a Res-Kem truck with a liftgate for dock deliveries or ground deliveries.  We transport the tanks short distances within your plant to the point of use via a motorized pallet jack.

Failing Water Softener
Failing Water Softener.  Look familiar?

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