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Tank Internals

Tank Internals

Nalco Pretreatment Solutions (PTS) provides upgrade services for old water treatment systems and tanks to retrofit this equipment with new internals, refurbishing them for ongoing use in industrial and commercial water treatment applications. Whether tank internals are non-functioning or obsolete, or a tank manufacturer is no longer in business, we can re-engineer a system with new internals, providing a customized, effective solution at less cost than a completely new system. To bring tanks up-to-date we offer hub and lateral, false bottom with strainer and complete end-to-end retrofit solution services.

Hub and Lateral Internals

Nalco PTS can refurbish old water softeners, water filtration systems, and dealkalizers with completely new, customized, re-engineered hub and lateral systems. This is the most common type of internals refurbishment. For larger systems, we can also do header-lateral internals.

False Bottom with Strainers

For refurbishing demineralization systems in chemical plants, power plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and other industrial applications where high quality water is critical, Nalco PTS can design and install new strainers for existing false bottom units.

Complete End-to-End Retrofit Solution

Nalco PTS provides the complete reengineering of your old water treatment system/tanks. We provide the engineering to redesign the internals, design any customized components, manufacture or procure all components, and install the new customized internals in your system.

Technical Information on Tank Internals

Pentair Bajonet Distribution Systems - specification sheet
Pentair Structural Adapters and Accessories - specification sheet
Pentair Structural Top Diffuser System Assembly and Fishbone System Assembly - product diagram
Pentair Structural 6386 16x6 4x4 - product diagram

Posted on April 7, 2015 by Tom Dupnik

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