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Water Softener


Water softeners are used to treat what is commonly called “hard” water. Water softening uses an ion exchange resin to remove calcium and magnesium from hard water. Nalco Pretreatment Solutions (PTS) offers a complete range of water softener systems to meet your need for softened water.

Why You Need a Water Softener

Hardness ions, calcium and magnesium build up on piping, heat exchangers, water heaters, boilers, auto-claves, steam generators and any other steam related equipment. The scale buildup impedes water flow resulting in costly repairs, increased energy consumption, and clogged heat exchangers and boiler tubes. The life of linens, clothing, appliances and fixtures is also greatly reduced due to these "hard" minerals.

Softened water is also used in many process applications such as the production of cleaning agents and chemical production. For laundry and dish washing, the use of a water softener will significantly reduce the amount of soaps and detergents, resulting in reduced operating expenses.

Water Softener Applications

The following facilities are examples of ideal applications for water softening equipment:
  • Apartments/condominiums
  • Boiler feedwater
  • Car washes
  • Food processing plants
  • Hospitals
  • Institutions
  • Laundries
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Office complexes
  • Restaurants

Nalco PTS Water Softener Systems

Our complete range of water softeners have single unit flow rates from 0.5-925 GPM. Higher flows can be treated using multiple units.

Onsite Regenerated Customer Owned Softeners

HI-Series Industrial Water Softeners

  • Full range of standard and customizable standard systems
  • Pre-engineered steel tank valve nest systems for larger industrial, municipal, and condensate polishing applications like boiler water pretreatment and process water treatment
  • High capacity 8% cross-linked virgin softening resin
  • Pressure tanks are designed for 100 psig working pressure, have FDA approved epoxy lining, are primed and finish painted; except for galvanized, SS and Fiberglass
  • External piping is black steel with MI fittings; internal piping is Schedule 80 PVC with a hub/lateral underdrain system, non-clogging and designed for even distribution of flow
  • Standard control is a 7-day time clock housed in a NEMA 1 enclosure
  • All systems include inlet and outlet pressure gauges and outlet soft water sample valves
  • Automatic backwash flow controllers insuring proper backwash regardless of inlet water pressure
  • An automatic brine float valve controls brine draw and regulates fresh water refill to positive shutoff

LI-Series Commercial and Light Industrial Systems

  • Single or dual tank systems designed for commercial and light industrial applications
  • Pre-engineered fiberglass tank systems with top mounted multiport valves for smaller commercial and industrial applications in hospitals, laundries, manufacturing plants, office campuses and restaurants
  • Fully automatic, brass or engineered plastic constructed, multi-port valves with adjustable regeneration cycles
  • The only operator attention needed is to put salt in the brine tank unit
  • Single units are a cost-effective way to provide soft water where demand is intermittent; dual units provide continuous soft water for 24/7
  • Meter initiated, twin tank alternating design

LI-Series Products

  • FT Series – Single, dual or triplex units; time clock or meter initiated systems for commercial and light industrial applications. For more details, see the FT Series Drawing and FT Series Specifications.
  • Dual Tank Pentair Fleck Softener – Dual tank, meter demand systems for light commercial and industrial small boiler applications
  • TT-Series –Single vessel, time clock or meter initiated systems for light commercial applications.
  • HW Series – Single vessel, time clock initiated systems for hot water dishwasher applications in restaurants. For more details, see the HW Series Drawing and the HW Series Specifications.

Offsite Regenerated Rental

Nalco PTS maintains an inventory of water softening resin available for temporary or permanent installations.  Temporary water softener systems are most commonly installed during a planned or unplanned shutdown for maintenance or repair of the in house water softener.  Water softener exchange systems are commonly used in areas where brine discharge is not allowed or for batch treatments of a custom product.


Posted on April 7, 2015 by Brian Krummel

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