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Second Condensate Polishing System Shipping to a North Carolina University

Res-Kem is shipping the second of two condensate polishing systems to a leading private university in North Carolina next week.  This is the second of two systems sold to this same university in the past year and a half.  This system treats 400 gpm of dirty condensate.

Res-Kem's Dual Sodium Cycle Condensate Polisher in 316 L Stainless Steel
Res-Kem's Dual 54 inch Sodium Cycle Cycle Condensate Polishers

To improve the ROI, through energy savings, this system is designed with a separate source of cold water for backwash, brine draw and slow rinse.

What is the Res-Kem water treatment application?Sodium cycle condensate polishing to remove iron and hardness
What are the operating conditions?Flow: 400 gpm
Pressure: 30-100 psi
Temperature: 200F
What is the system configuration?Dual tank, parallel operation 54” in diameter tanks
What ion exchange resin was used?47 cubic feet of Purolite C-150 highly cross-linked macroporous cation exchange resin in each tank
Materials of construction?316 SS ASME code with a 150 psig design pressure
316 SS Hub and Lateral
316 SS Subsurface Wash Distributor
316 SS Schedule 40 Welded face piping
Type of Valves and Actuators?Bray McCannalok Series 41 with Series 93 pneumatic actuators with manual override
Special Features?Subsurface wash
Cold water used for separate source backwash, brine draw and slow rinse
Condensate fast rinse
316 Stainless resin traps after each system

Additional Information:
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