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Our Nalco Res-Kem Pretreatment Solutions site has hundreds of pages of valuable information on water treatment technologies, water treatment equipment, replacement parts for your installed water system, and services to maintain consistent water quality and quantity. Use the search bar below to quickly find the information you need or refer to our popular search topics to help find what you need. Still have questions? You are always welcome to contact us for help.

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Activated Carbon Technical Information >
Activated carbon is used to remove chlorine and organics prior to an RO and/or beverage production

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Looking to service, replace, expand, or improve your water pretreatment system? Need supplies or replacement parts for your pretreatment water equipment? Let Nalco help you find what you're looking for or contact Nalco for further assistance with all of your water pretreatment systemn needs.
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Pretreatment Solutions from Nalco Res-Kem is a leading manufacturer and supplier of services, systems and supplies for industrial and commercial water pretreatment systems for treating process water, product water, boiler pretreatment, and drinking water.
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