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Sanitization and IX Analysis


Sanitization is necessary in piping systems where there are water pipes with drop loops or dead legs; that is, any place where water may remain in the pipe for periods of time. Nalco Pretreatment Solutions (PTS) uses industry standard methods to sanitize water pipes, tanks and systems. We may use hydrogen peroxide/peracetic acid or a hypochlorite solution to perform the sanitization, followed by flushing of the piping system.

We are an experienced provider of sanitization services for water piping in ultrapure water systems. Sanitization and disinfection is critical to the prevention biological growth in water piping for ultrapure water systems used in pharmaceutical, chemical, and research facilities, as well as in other industrial and commercial applications. We perform sanitizing or disinfecting of the process water piping and recirculation loops.

As a provider of sanitization services with over 30 years service experience, we maintain deep technical knowledge on many different types of equipment and systems. Sanitization service is generally offered within 100 miles of Nalco PTS usually takes two to eight hours. These services can be done on weekends, off hours, or during plant shutdowns. Sanitization is typically provided on a monthly, quarterly, yearly or as needed basis.

Sanitization Benefits

  • Removal of any biological growth or contamination
  • FDA compliance, meet FDA sanitization specifications
  • Reduce costly emergency repairs
  • Reduce the high cost of production shutdowns or non-compliance due to water quality problems

In the course of providing ongoing sanitization services, we can also provide additional insight for troubleshooting and upgrading your equipment.


Nalco PTS provides ion exchange (IX) resin analysis for ion exchange resins used in the treatment of water. We can do an IX analysis on the resin media in any water softener, deionizer or other water treatment equipment using ion exchange resins. Annual resin analysis helps a user of commercial / industrial water treatment equipment to maintain efficient performance, prevent major problems and budget for upcoming purchases. Ion exchange resin sample analysis is offered to all customers in the United States. Resin analysis can be performed on any manufacturer's ion exchange resin. An IX analysis provides the opportunity to help lower the total cost of ownership.

The resin sample is analyzed for:

  • Chemical properties - the capacity of the resin to remove ions
  • Physical properties - the percentage of whole, cracked, and broken resin beads
  • Mix - the percentage of cations and anions
  • Regeneration Efficiency (if applicable)
  • Organic Fouling (if applicable)

Some potential resin analysis findings:

  • Whether total replacement of the resin bed is necessary
  • Whether a problem is due to poor resin condition or operational problems
  • How much longer the resin should last if operating conditions remain constant
  • Whether or not to "top off" the resin bed
  • Efficiency of the regeneration process
  • If the resin bed should be cleaned or "brine squeezed"
  • If the ratio of cation resin to anion resin in a mixed bed unit is correct

Posted on June 18, 2015 by Tom Dupnik

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