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Rebranded, Redesigned and Responsive Website

Recently, we completed a redesign of our website and rebranded it as Nalco Pretreatment Solutions part of Nalco | An Ecolab Company.  This project was particularly interesting because Nalco wanted Res-Kem to retain the first page Google ranking for over 20 keyword search terms that Res-Kem dominates in the industrial water treatment market. Using best practices, we have been successful. Also, this was an excellent opportunity to make the site have a responsive design. In addition, we incorporated all the content from the websites of our sister companies formerly known as Crossbow Water, Cal-Water and Tenergy-Christ all acquired by Nalco.  In the next phase, their URL's will be redirected to the new consolidated Nalco Pretreatment Solutions website.

The site was designed to highlight the:

FYI, since April 2010, Res-Kem has been a part of Nalco's industrial water treatment equipment business.  In December 2011, Nalco was purchased by Ecolab .

Posted on September 10, 2015 by Tom Dupnik

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