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Parts for Solo, Solomatic, Bruner, Brunermatic, Permutit, Aquamatic, Culligan HiFlow Multiport Valves & Others

Routinely, Res-Kem receives requests for quotes for water treatment systems and their replacement parts. One area that frequently needs explanation is replacement parts for multi-port valves including Solo®, Solomatic®, Bruner®, Brunermatic®, Permutit®, and Aquamatic®.

We get questions like:

Please quote the following.:

AQUAMATIC valves with 6 ports total. 5 ports are 3". One in the rear and 4 in cross form. The 6th port is 2", which is the regenerant inlet port.

The fluid flowing through the valves is composed as follows:

1) Hydrochloric acid (HCL) 32% at ambient temp.
2) Sodium Hydroxide NaOH (caustic soda) 50% at ambient temp.
3) Water at ambient temp.
4) Featured image of valve posted.

Another Question:
I have a Kisco water softener system with Aquamatic Solomatic Valves. The model number of the system is TWSKOM-300. I need replacement valves. What can I do?

Res-Kem Solution:
As a service company, Res-Kem frequently comes across many different water treatment systems, which have Solo, Solomatic, Bruner, Brunermatic, Permutit and Aquamatic Multi-port Valves as well as other manufacturers. Unfortunately, many of these valves and controls for the valves have been discontinued or parts are extremely difficult to find, (which may be due to industry consolidation), and those parts which are available are very expensive. The Res-Kem solution is to replace the multi-port valves with a "valve nest" and an appropriate control system.

A valve nest performs all the functions of a multi-port valve using Aquamatic diaphragm, Keystone butterfly, or other valves as specified by the customer. Using a standard layout with flexibility to account for various tank sizes, a valve nest is a very cost-effective alternative to a multi-port valve.

Valve nests can be supplied in a wide variety of materials: Cast iron valves with steel piping, Bronze valves with copper piping, plastic valves with PVC piping, stainless steel valves with stainless steel piping. They can be adapted to filters, softeners, dealkalizers, demineralizers and deionizers.

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