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Pall Filters added to e-Commerce Site

Seventy (70) Pall filters have been added to the Nalco eCommerce site. Now it is easy to find and purchase most of the Pall filters you use! If you know the Pall, Ecolab or Nalco part number, you should be able to find the filter you need. If not, use our new filtered searching feature to get just the right filter for your job!  If you are still having problems, call Marisa Hart at 800-323-1983.

Note: Most of the Pall filters are priced by the case.

Guest User Site-

To purchase products immediately, access our Guest User site. Using our ecommerce catalog, you can purchase replacement parts for most industrial and commercial water treatment equipment you may have in your plant. In addition to Pall Filters, included in this catalog are products from AquaFine, AquaMatic, Calgon Carbon, Clack, Critical Process, Dow Filmtec, Graver, Pentair Fleck, Pentair Pentek, Shelco, Watts, and more.  You will need to purchase products using a P-card or credit card.

Registered User Site -

As you use our site more frequently, you may want to ask to be a Registered User.  The advantages are you can purchase using a P-card, credit card or PO with your special pricing.  Also, you can view your purchasing history, save shopping carts, make spare parts lists, reprint invoices. 

Remember to add this link to your "Favorites" on your Google Chrome web browser. Google Chrome works best.

Contact Tom Dupnik if you and/or a colleague want to become a Registered Ecommerce User. Remember, you can view your purchasing history, save shopping carts, make spare parts lists, reprint invoices and use PO's.

Posted on August 31, 2015 by Tom Dupnik

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