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Membrane Cleaning


Nalco Pretreatment Solutions (PTS) is an expert provider of reverse osmosis membrane cleaning for reverse osmosis (RO) systems in industrial and commercial applications.

During the normal operation of an RO system, dissolved solids and particulate matter are concentrated on the surface of the membranes installed in the system. When these contaminants build up to the point where they detrimentally affect the performance of the system, the membranes need to be thoroughly cleaned to restore them to operating condition.

RO Membrane Cleaning Products

On Site Using Customer Owned RO System – Our Field Service Team will use your Clean-In-Place (CIP) equipment, our specialty cleaning products, and our cleaning expertise to restore the performance of your RO system. We perform RO membrane cleaning on any manufacturer's RO equipment.

Off Site Using Our RO Cleaning Skid – We offer off-site membrane cleaning services that are designed to improve the performance and extend the useful life of your RO membranes. Our specially designed off-site membrane cleaning stations combine the right type of flows, temperatures and pressures with a broad spectrum of cleaning solutions capable of handling even the toughest foulants to ensure a thorough cleaning.

The results of off-site cleaning can be dramatically different than on-site cleaning using a CIP process. Our proprietary equipment, strict protocol, automation, and specialty cleaning products are specifically designed to produce optimal cleaning results while maintaining the structural integrity of your membranes. This becomes increasingly important as membranes age and are exposed to multiple cleaning cycles.

Why RO Membrane Cleaning?

Membrane cleaning is periodically needed for all RO system membranes. The RO membranes reject impurities but allow the passage of water, but as time passes they can become clogged or fouled and require cleaning. For typical equipment, the membranes should be cleaned about twice a year.

Nalco PTS will evaluate your membranes, estimate the remaining life, and offer clean/replace recommendations on any membrane by any manufacturer. Our experience will help lower your total cost of ownership by providing this expert advice. The typical life of an RO membrane is about five years.

Our RO membrane cleaning typically uses acid, caustic or anti-scalant chemical treatments to clean a membrane. This type of cleaning is typically done in the chemical, pharmaceutical, power plants and food and beverage markets.

Posted on April 7, 2015 by Brian Krummel

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