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FILMTECTM BW30LE-440 and BW30LE-4040 RO Elements to be Discontinued

The Dow Chemical Company recently sent a discontinuation notice for the FILMTEC BW30LE-440 and BW30LE-4040 which have been an industry standard for many years. Dow will not take orders for the current LE elements after May 30, but will honor any orders on the books even if shipment is not until the end of the year.

The good news is FilmTec Corporation has developed a new Low Energy, LE, membrane. FILMTEC elements rolled from this LE membrane have the highest active membrane areas, and operate at lower pressure reducing operating costs.


This RO membrane element replaces the FILMTEC BW30LE-4040 RO Element. The FILMTEC LE-440i has 440 square feet of RO membrane which is the highest active membrane area in the industry.

The FILMTEC LE-440i element:

  • Has 10% higher productivity than the FILMTEC BW30LE-4040
  • Operates at lower pressure
  • Maintains High Rejection
  • Minimizes operating expense
  • Reduces total cost to produce industrial, commercial, or municipal water
  • Incorporates iLECTM interlocking endcaps minimizes O-ring leaks which improves permeate quality


This RO membrane element replaces the FILMTEC BW30LE-440 RO Element. The FILMTEC LE-400 has 400 square feet of RO membrane.

The FILMTEC LE-400i element:

  • Has higher salt rejection for better permeate quality
  • Operates at lower pressure
  • Minimizes operating expense
  • Reduces energy cost to produce industrial, commercial, or municipal water


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