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Replacement Parts/Supplies

Did you know that you can purchase replacement parts for your water treatment equipment from Nalco Pretreatment Solutions (PTS). The advantages to purchasing from Nalco PTS are:

• In-House experts designing systems using carbon, resins, filter media, membranes, valves & controllers
• Direct purchase of media from manufacturers
• Direct access to manufacturers’ technical support personnel
• Expertise as your single vendor for supplies and service

You can purchase replacement parts for your water treatment equipment from Nalco PTS including, cartridge filters, Aquafine/Trojan UV parts, Pentair Fleck and Autotrol valves, Pentair AquaMatic valves and controllers, Dow, Purolite, Resintech and Thermax ion exchange resins, Calgon and Jacobi activated carbons, filter media and much more.

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AquaMatic Valves/Controls >
Nalco PTS provides AquaMatic diaphragm valves, the most commonly used valve in water treatment. These valves are available in a wide range of sizes from ¾” to six inches. Depending upon the size, these diaphragm valves are offered in cast iron, brass, or stainless steel, and/or composite materials.

Carbon >
Nalco PTS is a leading master distributor of activated carbon, granular activated carbon, and liquid phase activated carbon. We purchase directly from Calgon, Jacobi and Norit.

Carbon Selection Chart >
Nalco PTS manufactures activated carbon filters, uses activated carbon in our service DI business, and replaces carbon in your existing equipment. Our design engineers, technical specialists and field service team can assist you in the selection of the best carbon for your application and equipment.

Cartridges >
Nalco PTS is a leading stocking distributor of replacement cartridge filters and filter housings. These filter housings and filter cartridges are used extensively throughout your production process. Cartridge filters can be simple prefilters for less critical uses to ultrafiltration membrane cartridges for ultra pure water production.

Controls >
Nalco PTS provides controls for softeners, filters, deionizers, or any system using a valve nest assembly or valve body. These controllers can be stagers, simple timers, standard PLC controls, custom programmed PLC controls and remote monitoring devices.

Coolers and Pumps >
Nalco PTS sells sample coolers for safe withdrawing and cooling of boiler water, condensate, steam, and other high temperature liquids. We are also a leading authorized distributor of Stenner industrial pumps and replacement parts.

Elliptical Yoke & Bolt Manways >
Nalco PTS is a leading supplier of elliptical yoke and bolt manways for personnel access to pressure vessels. We offer complete manhole assemblies or tank manhole covers, which can be used for industrial and commercial water treatment applications.

Ion Exchange Resins >
Nalco PTS is a stocking distributor for Dow (Dowex), Resintech, Purolite , and Thermax (Tulsion) cation, anion, and mixed bed ion exchange resins.

Resin Traps >
A Nalco PTS resin trap is a simple, inexpensive protective sieving device to ensure the ion exchange resin or other filtration media does not leave the water treatment equipment where it belongs, and travel downstream where it doesn’t belong.

Reverse Osmosis Membranes >
Nalco PTS is a leading distributor of Dow FILMTECâ„¢, Hydranautics, Norit, Toray, and GE Osmonics reverse osmosis membranes for industrial and commercial RO systems.

Tank Internals >
Nalco PTS provides upgrade services for old water treatment systems and tanks to retrofit your water treatment equipment with new internals, refurbishing them for ongoing use in industrial and commercial water treatment applications.

Tanks >
Nalco PTS supplies custom ASME code and non-code tanks and pressure vessels used for commercial and industrial water softeners, filters, dealkalizers, and deionizers / demineralizers. We also stock and supply fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) and polyethylene-fiberglass tanks used for water softeners, filters, or deionization (DI) exchange systems.

Water Filter Media >
Nalco PTS is a leading stocking distributor of water filter media for industrial and commercial water filtration systems, including water filtration media such as filter sand and gravel, anthracite filter media, greensand water filter media, and garnet filter media.

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Looking to service, replace, expand, or improve your water pretreatment system? Need supplies or replacement parts for your pretreatment water equipment? Let Nalco PTS help you find what you're looking for or contact Nalco for further assistance with all of your water pretreatment system needs.
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