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Water quality is critical to the electronics industry, where water is used for many critical applications, including semiconductors and printed circuit boards. Water is directly related to product quality. In addition, floor space within electronics customers’ operations is at a premium. Every square foot that can be dedicated to production instead of utility operations increases the customer’s bottom line. Nalco Pretreatment Solutions (PTS) can provide customers with the quality of water needed for production, including low particle, low TOC with a resistivity of 18.2 Meg-Ohm/cm2 if required.

Flexible water production solutions minimize floor space requirements and off-site regeneration options improve safety and minimize equipment requirements.

Our portable exchange systems provide high-quality water without the need for on-site regeneration, maximizing floor space usage and reducing the need for chemicals and other equipment. Nalco PTS has extensive experience applying proven technology in the electronics industry, including ultrapure point-of-use deionization systems, customized pure water systems and reverse osmosis systems to meet customer needs.

Posted on April 7, 2015 by Brian Krummel

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