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DI System Shipping to Washington Chemical Plant

Shipping today is a two bed (cation ion exchange tank followed by an anion ion exchange tank) demineralizer for a chemical plant in Washington State. This unit is a DI60072 and will be used in parallel with several other older systems currently installed at the same plant to increase treated water capacity.

A 150 GPM demineralizer that shows a nema 4x control panel that has panel view 300 hmi
150 gpm Demineralizer Showing NEMA 4X Control Panel with Panel View 300 HMI

The system will use the existing bulk acid and caustic for regeneration of the cation resin and anion resin respectively.

150 GPM demineralizer with a compact design of piping
150 gpm Demineralizer Compact Design of Piping


System Design:

Normal Service Flow Rate:
150 gpm
Maximum Service Flow Rate:
230 gpm
Vessel Size:
60" x 72" Diameter x Straight side
Volume of Cation (SAC) Resin
66 cu ft
Volume of Anion (Type 1) Resin
77 cuft
Cation Vessel Internals:
Header Lateral Design PVC Schedule 80
Anion Vessel Internals:
Header Lateral Design 316L SS Schedule 10
Automatic Valves:
Butterfly valves 316L SS disc with Air to Open Spring to Close Actuators
Controls:Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC
Panelview 300 HMI
NEMA 4X FRP panel
Signet Flow meter Totalizer
Thornton Conductivity Meter

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