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Deionizers, demineralizers and DI systems are different names for the same equipment. Deionization or demineralization is a process to remove ions, minerals and some gases from water. The deionization process removes ions, dissolved solids, gases, and cations and anions including:

  • Sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese and iron (cations)
  • Sulfates, bicarbonate, alkalinity, chlorides, nitrates, carbon dioxide, and silica (anions)

Our DI water equipment comes in various sizes and can be configured to meet any flow rate or quality specification, no matter how demanding.

Deionizer Processes

The most common deionizer process uses specially manufactured ion exchange resins to remove the mineral salts from water by exchanging the ions on the resin with the unwanted ions in your water to be treated. Deionization produces high-purity water that is generally similar to distilled water. Nalco Pretreatment Solutions (PTS) provides deionization solutions ranging from under-the-sink tanks to trailers.

Another process, electrodeionization (EDI), utilizes ion exchange resins and electricity to produce ultra pure deionized water. EDI is a continuous and chemical-free process of removing ionized and ionizable species from water using DC power. Nalco PTS can work with you to design an EDI system to meet your needs.

Nalco PTS Deionizers

Nalco PTS is a leading manufacturer of industrial water demineralizer and deionizer (DI) equipment designed for the economical and efficient removal of dissolved salts and minerals. As required water quality increases, recirculation skids with quality monitors, UV units and sub-micron filtration are required.

Offsite Regenerated Deionizer Service

This option is perfect for customers who have: zero-discharge plants, other environmental limitations and cannot handle on-site regeneration. Also, if you have temporary applications such as power peaking stations that operate for short periods of time or as a temporary replacement during repair of an in-house system, offsite regenerated DI tanks will make sense.

  • Ion exchange resin and/or other water treatment media contained in portable tanks of various sizes, 0.25 cubic feet to 42 cubic feet and connected to tap water supply
  • Tanks contain cation ion exchange resin, anion ion exchange resin, mixed bed resin and/or activated carbon
  • When the water quality drops below the set point, the DI water tanks are swapped for tanks with fresh regenerated resin that has been processed off site at one of our ion exchange regeneration facilities
  • Flexibility to increase deionized water capacity by simply contacting us to supply larger tanks and/or increase the frequency of exchanges
  • No capital outlay is required
  • Eliminates on site chemical handling, hazardous waste neutralization, and the extensive safety training associated with hazardous chemical handling

Onsite Regenerated Customer Owned

Nalco PTS designs, manufactures, and services industrial water demineralizer and deionizer (DI) equipment designed for the economical and efficient removal of dissolved salts and minerals.

  • Produce high purity water industrial applications
  • Complete line of “two-bed” cation resin tank, followed by anion resin tank and “mixed-bed” cation mixed with anion resin in a single tank, to meet water quality requirements

You will need the permits to discharge regenerant waste and the training to handle concentrated acid and caustic regeneration at your plant.

Standard Product Features for Industrial Applications
Nalco PTS two bed deionizers are available as standard pre-engineered units or as custom designed systems with the flexibility to meet a wide range of requirements. These DI water systems can be manufactured with a full range of options and related equipment to provide fully integrated water purifications systems. Tanks range in size from 18" to 96" in diameter, with flows up to 585 gallons per minute. Our two-bed deionizers are a highly efficient means of removing dissolved minerals and solids to produce high purity DI water.

Nalco PTS has two-bed deionizers for industrial applications designed for full- or semi-automatic production of water with a conductivity of less than 10 micro-ohms and feature:

  • Flow rates from 10-585 gpm and capacities from 140,000-3,900,000 grains
  • Strong acid cation and type 2 strong base anion resins as the standard, with other resins available as an option
  • Microprocessor based control system with conductivity monitor and flow sensor for regeneration initiation
  • Electrical enclosures are NEMA 4XFG corrosion resistant fiberglass, which reduces maintenance costs
  • PVC steel depending on size and customer requirements
  • Optional ASME code vessels
  • Factory assembled and skid mounted for quick installation and minimum startup cost
  • Schedule 80 PVC piping package including air operated true union ball valves are standard. Air or electric actuated ball or butterfly valves are available as an option
  • Pressure regulators, rotameters and metering valves supplied for accurate and safe control of regeneration water and chemical introduction
  • Internal distributors are corrosion resistant, designed for optimum efficiency and are fully supported where required

Advantages of Service DI

Nalco PTS can supply portable service DI water systems for high purity and ultra high purity water applications for virtually any process industry where deionized water is critical to production.  The flow rate through individual banks of deionized water tanks ranges from 1 gpm to 150 gpm. Depending upon the flow requirement, single or multiple banks are used.

Service Deionized Water allows companies to concentrate on their core business and maximize profitability. Most importantly this option eliminates on site chemical handling and hazardous waste neutralization. Companies requiring a supply of deionized water for their process water or boiler feed water needs are choosing to outsource their high purity deionized water requirements from a service company.

Known in the water treatment industry as service deionization (SDI), this procurement option provides high purity deionized water users with a cost effective alternative to the difficult issues associated with owning and operating regenerable deionizers or demineralizers. Renting portable deionized water systems eliminates:

  • Capital approval and expenditure
  • Chemical storage
  • Chemical waste handling and disposal
  • Variable flow requirements
  • Operator training
  • Waste treatment
  • Environmental permitting
  • Site preparation
  • Drain lines
  • Maintenance

Renting DI water systems also provide a consistent supply of high purity deionized water employing standard designs and proven ion exchange technology. Portable deionized water systems are particularly attractive when there is a temporary need for high purity deionized water or an ongoing need that is expected to change over time.

Applications for Industrial and Commercial DI Water Systems
The following facilities are examples of ideal applications for water demineralizer and deionizer (DI) equipment:
  • Food and beverage processing plants
  • Power plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • High pressure boiler feed water
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Laboratories
  • Autoclaves
  • Steam Generators
  • Electronic Products
  • Medical device production
  • Alloy metal fabrication
  • Aerospace
  • Humidification systems
  • Metal treating
  • Plating
  • Printed circuit boards

Nalco PTS offers two options to produce deionized water with the quality you require.  We have a DI service exchange service option and a DI capital equipment option. 

 Nalco PTS can supply portable service DI water systems for high purity and ultra high purity water applications for virtually any process industry where deionized water is critical to production.  The flow rate through individual banks of deionized water tanks ranges from 1-150 gpm. Depending upon the flow requirement, single or multiple banks are used.


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