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Conventional/Media Filtration


Nalco Pretreatment Solutions (PTS) industrial water filters are found in commercial, institutional and industrial water filtration service. Sand, carbon or other media clarifies water by removing sediment, turbidity, iron, unpleasant tastes, odors, suspended particles and/or unwanted color commonly found in surface and ground water. Using the correct pressure tanks, valves, filter media choice and operating conditions, our industrial water filters meet most water filtration requirements. The equipment operates in a manual, semi- or fully-automatic capacity, and requires requiring very limited technical knowledge.

For more information, please refer to our Sand Filter, Multi-Media Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, and Greensand Filter bulletins.

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Nalco PTS Industrial Water Filters

Our complete line of filters and configurations are suitable for most water filtration requirements and can be designed to operate manually, semi- or fully-automatically with limited technical knowledge. For all filters below, single unit flows range from 6-600 GPM; multiple units in parallel are used for larger flow rates. See the Uni-Tech Filters general brochure for more details.

Sand Filters
Commonly used in most standard industrial water filtration systems for removal of suspended solids and turbidity, a sand filter will remove sediment down to the 20-30 micron range. See the Uni-Tech Sand Filters Product Sheet for more details.

Multi-Media Filters
Consisting of specifically selected combination of sand, anthracite and garnet to filter below 10-micron nominal particle size, this filter is typically used for turbidity reduction. See the Uni-Tech Multi-Media Filters brochure for more details.

Activated Carbon Filters
A wide selection of granular activated carbons provides cost effective removal of chlorine, chloramines, and/or organics that can cause taste, odor, or color in water. See the Uni-Tech Carbon Filter brochure for more details.

Greensand Filters
Uni-Tech Greensand Filters are generally limited to application where the combined iron and manganese concentration is below 15 ppm. These filters feature dual media greensand / anthracite loadings to provide high contaminant removal.

Quality Product Features

Tank Construction
All standard industrial water filters include pressure tanks constructed of high-quality, welded steel designed for 100 psi working pressure and tested for 150 psi. Standard tanks are equipped with inlet and outlet connections, a top-mounted loading port (either handhole or manhole) and a side filter media removal fitting. All tanks are epoxy lined and stainless steel or fiberglass pressure tanks are available for custom industrial water filters.

The hub and lateral distribution system utilizes the entire bed area during all flow rates to minimize channeling during periods of low flow. Standard underdrains (internals) are constructed of PVC with schedule 80 laterals ensuring maximum corrosion protection and strength. Optional materials are available to meet most requirements; i.e. CPVC, polypropylene or stainless steel.

Diaphragm Valves
Our engineers designed the ultimate industrial water filter using a "nest" of Pentair Aquamatic diaphragm valves to deliver truly trouble-free, labor saving, automated equipment. The angular design, high lift and large seat opening of these hydraulically operated valves provide a minimum restriction to flow and reduction of turbulence. They are controlled by a "stager" to backwash the filter and return it to service without any manual attention.

The standard method of control for automatic industrial water filters is accomplished through the use of a heavy-duty stager with an integral clock timer. This control has a built-in manual override feature for backwashing needed outside pre-determined times.

Posted on April 7, 2015 by Brian Krummel

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