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Stagers, Controls & Valves

Nalco Pretreatment Solutions (PTS) provides controls for softeners, filters, deionizers, or any system using a valve nest assembly or valve body. These controls can be stagers, simple timers, flow meters, user-operated buttons, or complex proprietary PLC controls and monitoring devices.

Controls are used for the following purposes in a water filtration system:

  • Regenerate system
  • Monitor and control volume throughput
  • Monitor and control conductivity

Standard / Simple Controls

  • Time clock
  • Volume flow meter for hardness/contamination or unit capacity
  • Differential Pressure for use with multi-media systems to load up with particulates before regeneration
  • Manual: user-operated buttons

Complex Controls

  • Used to monitor water quality
  • Used to monitor conductivity
  • Propriety Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) connected to sensors
  • Deionizer controls to monitor water quality and regulate throughput

Complete Controls Solution

Nalco PTS provides the complete solution for your water treatment system, including system requirements analysis and engineering design services along with the installation of the controls. We provide the engineering to make sure your system operates smoothly with the appropriate amount of automation. We use controls from these manufacturers:

  • GE Osmonics
  • Aquamatic
  • Autotrol
  • Magnum
  • Allen Bradley
  • R & D Specialties
  • Pentair Fleck

AquaMatic Stager Controls

Nalco PTS uses AquaMatic Stager Controls for many of the systems we manufacture. We use Aquamatic valves with a variety of stager control combinations to automate the operation and/or regeneration of valve nest type water softeners and filters. AquaMatic Stager Controls are used to automatically control softeners, dealkalizers, sand filters, multi-media filters, cation and anion deionizers. These same stager controls can be used with virtually any other valve manufacturer with pneumatic actuated valves ONLY if their actuators are air/spring. These manufacturers include Keystone, Bray, George Fisher +GF+, Hayward and Asahi. We use these same stager controls with a valve nest to retrofit old Permutit, and Brunermatic multiport valves. 

A stager is a motor-driven rotary multiport pilot valve, which is used to control a set of individual diaphragm valves in a predefined sequence. Given our system expertise, we service these units in the field. For Aquamatic Stager Control parts, troubleshooting and service contact Nalco PTS.

Click Here to get information on Aquamatic Stager Controls.

AquaMatic Diaphragm Valves

Diaphragm valves offer the user versatility. They are easy to maintain and easily serviced by a maintenance staff. Aquamatic diaphragm valves are available in a wide range of sizes from three-quarters of an inch to six inches.

Click Here to get information on Aquamatic valves.

Multiport Valves by GE Autotrol & Pentair Fleck

Multiport valves can be top or side mounted. Nalco PTS incorporates multiport valves in the design of commercial and light industrial or municipal water treatment systems.

Multiport Valves by GE Autotrol

The Magnum Cv control valve by GE Autotrol is made of lightweight, corrosion resistant Noryl®. Its modular cartridge design means anything you need to change, clean, or service is right up front. The Magnum Cv valve is available in one and one-half inch and two inch with brass or CPVC end fittings. The Magnum Cv valve timer is fully adjustable for customized programming and as easy to use as a household timer. The Magnum Cv timer is available as time clock, electronic impulse or fully programmable meter demand electronic control. For Magnum Cv valve parts, troubleshooting and service, contact Nalco PTS.

Multiport Valves by Pentair Fleck

The Fleck 9000/9100/9500 control valve series is used exclusively on twin alternating water softener or filter systems. Unlike other multiport valves, only one Fleck 9000/9100/9500 series valve is required to operate two tanks. The Fleck 9000/9100/9500 valve series stands alone in this respect, although you are limited by flow rate.

Nalco PTS supplies the Fleck Pentair Model 7000 control valve used for commercial softener and filter systems. The valve is rated for a maximum flow rate of 36 gpm and can regenerate up to a 10 cubic foot water softener. The valve features reliable optical electronics eliminating micro-switches. Set-up is easy and flexible with the standard solid-state controller.

Nalco PTS also utilizes the complete line Fleck brass multiport valves for single and multiple unit systems:

These Fleck valves are top or side mounted for systems for flow rates up to 275 gpm. They come standard with an electro-mechanical control and are available with the Fleck 3200ET or 3200NT electronic programmable controls.

For Fleck valve parts, troubleshooting, and service contact Nalco PTS.

Butterfly and Ball Valves

On larger and/or engineered systems Nalco PTS furnishes pneumatic actuated butterfly and ball valves. These systems will generally utilize PLC controls. Our engineers use PLC controls by Allen Bradley or R&D Specialties. For more detailed information on these valves contact the Nalco PTS engineering staff.

To read more, visit our Technical Information on Stager Controls, Controls and Valves.

Posted on April 7, 2015 by Tom Dupnik

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