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Condensate Polishers

Condensate Polishers

Sodium cycle polishers treat condensates from industrial boilers to achieve soft water and reduction of iron oxides (crud). Our polishers use macroporous cation exchange resin because it can withstand high temperatures and oxidative properties while removing hardness and crud from the condensate.

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Why Condensate Polishers?

wasted fuel chartThe power industry operates under increasingly stringent boiler feed water requirements and when a condensate system is not properly controlled or simply ignored, corrosion takes place. Iron, copper and other harmful contaminants are washed back into the boiler systems, wasting energy because these contaminants reduce heat transfer.

The cost effective solution is to "polish" contaminated condensate for reuse. As more condensate is reused, less make up water is required, reducing both chemical consumption and energy requirements. A simple sodium cycle condensate polisher is a smart choice to control corrosion transport and the ill effects of condenser in-leakage. Particularly pronounced are the operating savings realized relative to chemical and energy consumption. Proven ion exchange technology condensate polishers are simple to operate and maintain.

Nalco PTS Condensate Polishers

Onsite Regenerated Customer-Owned Condensate Polishers

Our condensate polishers are designed and constructed from passivated 304 SS or 316 L SS for long life. The customer owns the equipment and must have operators trained to operate/maintain the equipment, and handle backwash water and brine from resin regeneration.

Onsite Regenerated Rental Condensate Polishers
As with customer-owned condensate polishers, these 316 L SS sodium cycle condensate polishing systems are regenerated onsite. Nalco PTS retains ownership of the equipment and will visit the site on a monthly basis to monitor and maintain the equipment.  The customer must handle backwash water and brine from resin regeneration.

Offsite Regenerated Rental Condensate Polishers
Our condensate polisher exchange tanks are 316 L stainless steel and have stainless steel tank internals. These tanks make sense for customers who have: zero-discharge plants or other environmental limitations; the inability to handle on-site regeneration; temporary applications such as power peaking stations that operate for short periods of time. The tanks can also serve as a temporary replacement during repair of an in-house system.

Standard Product Features

Our polishers are designed and constructed from passivated stainless steel for long life. For the longest life, we recommend passivated 316 L, available in a wide range of self-contained packages configured in single, double, triple and quadruple unit arrangements. Purchase of customizable standard condensate polishers or rentals of modular condensate polishers are available.
  • All stainless steel wetted parts
  • Flow rates up to 710 gpm for single units
  • ASME Code stainless steel vessel designed for 100 psig
  • Factory assembled stainless steel butterfly and/or Aquamatic valve nest
  • Stainless steel hub and lateral underdrain
  • NEMA 4XFG electrical enclosure
  • Outlet water sample valve
  • Automatic backwash flow controller
  • Separate cold water connection for regeneration cycles
  • High capacity, high crosslinked macroporous cation resin
  • Raw water bypass piping
  • Factory pre-assembled valve nest on each tank

Optional features:

  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Differential pressure switch
  • Flow sensor
  • Water sample cooler
  • Manual isolation valves
  • Skid assembly

Sizing a Condensate Polisher

Refer to the Nalco PTS Boiler Feedwater Checklist and contact our in-house experts to determine decide whether condensate polishing and/or makeup water softening will reduce dumping of valuable condensate energy, chemicals and water to drain while meeting ASME boiler water guidelines.

Have more questions? Call us at 800-323-1983 or email us. Together we will analyze your steam loop.

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Posted on April 7, 2015 by Brian Krummel

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