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Condensate Polisher Shipped to Specialized Salt Manufacturer

Res-Kem recently shipped another condensate polisher to one of the largest manufacturers of specialized salts and minerals.

Specialized Condensate Polisher with Unlined Carbon Steel Tank and Welded Schedule 80 Black Iron Piping
Specialized Condensate Polisher with Unlined Carbon Steel Tank
and Welded Schedule 80 Black Iron Piping
Manufacturer of potash fertilizer, food grade salt, and food grade minerals
General Water Treatment Application
Polishing high temperature condensate
Expected ROI
Getting the immediate benefit from new unit
Existing units were 25 plus years old
ROI will be cleaner condensate, cleaner boiler tubes, and increased boiler efficiency
Operating Conditions
50-80 gpm at 240 F return temperatures
System Configuration
Twin Alternating / Parallel
Materials of Construction
Unlined carbon steel vessels
Schedule 80 black iron welded and flanged construction
Type of Valves and Actuators
Bray butterfly 316 wetted parts
Bray 93 series actuators
System Control
Enduser has extra I/O capacity on their existing  Allen Bradley Micro-Logix PLC and will program the CP with guidance from the Res-Kem engineering team
Res-Kem provides solenoid box with position switch contact terminal blocks

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