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Condensate Polisher Shipped to Michigan

A condensate polisher for a district heating plant in Michigan was shipped last week. 

Dual Skid-Mounted Condensate Polisher for District Heating Plant in Michigan
Dual Skid-Mounted Condensate Polisher for District Heating Plant in Michigan



Utility District Heating

Water treatment application:Condensate Polisher to scavenge trace hardness and iron
Expected savings:Loss prevention keeping heat transfer surfaces clean and reliable for years of trouble free operation
Operating conditions:Flow through the units
System configuration:Dual Parallel. On-Board Controller has a relay to indicate start and stop of regeneration process on each polisher vessel.
The plants in house DCS system then ramps down the flow rate to each condensate polisher based upon regeneration schedule and times
Materials of construction:Pressure vessels are 304 stainless steel with 125 psig ASME code stamped
All face piping is welded and flanged Schedule 40 SS 304ss welded to B31.1 standards
Valve and actuators typeAll automated valves are Bray valve Lug style for 150 ANSI flanges.
Actuators are Bray pneumatic.
Control philosophy:The utility didn’t want to reinvent a control scheme within their DCS, so the off the shelf controllers are being used locally to control both units.
System parameters like individual tank flow and regeneration status are outputted to the plants DCS system.

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