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Cartridge Filters

Nalco Pretreatment Solutions (PTS) distributes replacement cartridge filters (or filter cartridges) and filter housings that are used in conjunction with the production of ultrapure water for laboratory or manufacturing purposes.

  • Sediment Cartridges trap particulate such as silt, sand or carbon fines. Sediment cartridges are commonly used as pre-filters to RO (reverse osmosis) systems and come in a variety of micron ratings depending on the application.
  • Taste and Odor Filter Cartridges most commonly contain activated carbon. Activated carbon removes chlorine and organic matter making the water less distasteful to consumers. In process applications such as reverse osmosis (RO),  these cartridges are pre-filters that protect the RO TFM membranes from chlorine damage. KDF cartridge filters are used for the same purposes.
  • Specialty Filter Cartridges include resin cartridge filters for softening, cation or anion color indicating, deionization, pre- and post-filtration cartridges for reverse osmosis, Microline® cartridge filters and in-line cartridge filters.

Filter Housings

Nalco PTS stocks a standard line of filter housings with mounting brackets and spanner wrench in various sizes and colors:

  • #10 Slim Line®
  • #20 Slim Line®
  • #10 Standard
  • #20 Standard
  • #10 Big Blue® with pressure relief

Cartridge Filter Replacement Benefits

Nalco PTS offers water filter replacement cartridges for your filtration equipment to keep your equipment running well and as a part of your preventive maintenance program. Replacing your cartridge filter is a critical part of Nalco PTS Preventive Maintenance service offering.

Nalco PTS supplies filter cartridges for larger industrial and commercial water filtration systems, not water filter cartridges use in pools, spas, faucets or other home uses.

Posted on April 7, 2015 by Brian Krummel

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