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Carbon and Multi-Media Filters Shipped to Eastern Pennsylvania Power Plant

Res-Kem shipped a multi-media filter and a carbon filter as pretreatment to an RO system.  Previously, this coal-fired power plant purchased a softener from Res-Kem. Also, we supply DI service vessels for post-RO polishing. 

The general system arrangement is:

Well => Multi-Media Filter => Activated Carbon Filter => Softener => RO => Storage Tank => Service DI => To Use

What the company doesCoal fired electric generation plant
Water treatment application
Backwashable Multi-media filter
Backwashable Activated carbon filter
This water enters a previously provided Res-Kem softener which pretreats the water before entering the RO system
Operating conditions, e.g. flow, temp, continuous, etc.
The systems treat the plant’s well water.
Inlet temperature approximately 55 F
Flow rate 40 gpm
System configuration, e.g. # of tanks, standby units, etc.Single, 48” ASME code 100 psig, tank multi-media filter
Single, 48” ASME code 100 psig, activated carbon filter
Materials of construction of tanks, piping, valves, frame, media, etc.Threaded carbon steel face piping
PVC hub and laterals
Res-Karb CS1240 activated carbon
Type of valves and actuatorsCast iron, Series 42, Aquamatic diaphragm valves
Control philosophyTime clock backwashed multi-media filter using Aquamatic NXT stager/controller
Time clock backwashed activated carbon filter Aquamatic NXT stager/controller

For Additional Information:
Industrial Water Softener Brochure
For help specifying a system


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