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Boiler Feed Water Flow Rate Requirements Chart

boiler feed water flow rate requirements chartQuestion:

We received a request for proposal today for "a water treatment system to treat the water going into my dual 194 HP steam boilers".

Start of an Answer:

The first thing we need to do is estimate the amount of water that will be used. The question is how?

After you work in any industry for many years, everyone collects their favorite charts, rules of thumb, "crib sheets", etc. They come out of drawers, filing cabinets, binders, etc. as a result of the question and follows the statement "Don't you have this chart??"

This morning, I was given one of these charts from one our "learned gentlemen" (as he wants to be referred to as) and felt it would be great to share this boiler feed water flow rate requirements chart. I wish we knew the source of this data, but as is often the case, it was copied too many years ago for anyone to remember. This chart relates boiler horse power to the flow rate in gallons per minute and pounds per hour. In this case, we need a demineralizer or softener rated for a maximum flow rate of 28 gpm. It will be less depending upon how much condensate is returned.

The next part of this question is what water quality is needed for the application. The steam pressure and steam boiler manufacturer will help determine what the water quality needs to be. Stay tuned.

Posted on December 29, 2006 by Tom Dupnik

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