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Amazing Craftsmanship of Condensate Polisher from Res-Kem

I need to acknowledge the excellent, American craftsmanship which goes into our condensate polishers!  It may be the engineer in me, because this is an amazing piece of work!  My kudos go to:
  • Tony, our Lead Design Engineer who had to design the vessel, the vessel penetrations, pad flanges, internal clips and its internals with amazing accuracy (and I am certain a few sleepless nights!). 
  • Shane, our Lead Assembly Person who had to go into this vessel and assemble Tony's creation, piece by piece day after day. 
This attention to detail is particularly admirable when it is likely no one will see ever see these distributors, header and laterals again! 
As we know, the things you cannot see separate the highest quality product from others.     
Condensate Polisher Internal Components in 316 L Stainless Steel from Res-Kem
Condensate Polisher Internal Components in 316 L Stainless Steel from Res-Kem

 You are looking from the top of this photo to the bottom:

  • Inlet distributor
  • Brine Distributor
  • Sub-surface was distributor
  • Hub and Lateral underdrain
You have too realize everything you see takes place in a 54 inch diameter tank that is approximately 84 inches tall!  Shane had to squeeze through a 14 inch x 18 inch elliptical manway and Bill, who assisted Shane, had to give each piece to Shane through the same manway!

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