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General Water Services, a sister company of Res-Kem Corp, is a regional service company delivering portable deionized water tanks within a service area running north to south from Maine to North Carolina and east to west from coastal New Jersey to Harrisburg, PA.

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Stainless Steel Water Treatment System Tanks offered by Res-Kem

Res-Kem is a leading supplier of new and replacement water treatment system tanks, water softener tanks, brine tanks, and pressure vessels used for industrial, commercial and residential water treatment applications.

We offer water treatment tanks for new applications or replacements for existing systems. As a manufacturer of complete water treatment systems, our engineers can design water treatment replacement tanks (including water softener tanks and filter tanks) to the original specification, or modify it to your current needs. Res-Kem engineers can assist you in the selection of replacement internal distributors and underdrains, ion exchange resins and filter media for the replacement tank. Whether purchasing new or upgrading, Res-Kem can supply your tank needs.

ASME Code and Non-Code Steel Tanks and Pressure Vessels:

Res-Kem supplies custom ASME code and non-code tanks and pressure vessels used for commercial, industrial and municipal water softeners, filters, dealkalizers, and deionizers / demineralizers. These lined or unlined tanks are available in carbon steel, stainless steel or galvanized, with several available linings to choose from. Our standard tanks and pressure vessels are rated at 100 psi with test at 150 psi.

Polyethylene-Fiberglass Tanks offered by Res-Kem

FRP and Polyethylene-Fiberglass Water Softener Tanks:

Res-Kem stocks and supplies fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) and polyethylene-fiberglass tanks used for water softeners, filters, or deionization (DI) exchange systems. We feature Structural PE Poly Glass™ tanks. PE PolyGlass™ tanks have a molded inner shell of high-density polyethylene overwrapped with fiberglass for high durability and strength.

Water Treatment System Tanks offered by Res-Kem

Composite Fiberglass Industrial and Commercial Tanks:

If steel is not an option we can supply structural composite tanks that offer composite fiberglass construction for outstanding performance and durability in harsh chemical environments. With sizes up to sixty-three (63) inches in diameter and a variety of options, we can tailor a vessel to meet your needs, whether it's a water softener tank, filter tank or other water treatment tank. Structural ASME code fiberglass tanks are also available.

FRP Tanks offered by Res-Kem

Brine Tanks - Polyethylene and Fiberglas-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Tanks:

Polyethylene and FRP water softener brine tanks are used for the storage of salt and brine. Res-Kem offers brine tanks for all residential, commercial, municipal and industrial water softening applications.

Internal Collectors and Distributors

PVC, CPVC, polypropylene or stainless steel internal collectors and distributors can be supplied for all tank applications.

Downloads and Technical Information on Tanks

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