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General Water Services, a sister company of Res-Kem Corp, is a regional service company delivering portable deionized water tanks within a service area running north to south from Maine to North Carolina and east to west from coastal New Jersey to Harrisburg, PA.

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Repair Services for Water Treatment Equipment >>

Repair Services for Water Treatment Equipment offered by Res-Kem LLC

Res-Kem is a uniquely qualified provider of repair services for water treatment equipment used in commercial and industrial applications. Res-Kem is a water treatment equipment manufacturer and a full field service company. Res-Kem provides expert repair service based on over 20 years experience and vast technical knowledge on many different types of equipment and systems. Res-Kem water treatment equipment repair field service is offered in the mid-Atlantic and northeastern regions of the USA.

Call Res-Kem Repair Services When You Don't Know What's Wrong!

Res-Kem's repair service will help you diagnose the problem and then provide the complete repair solution needed. The typical process is:

  1. Troubleshoot
    1. On the phone
    2. In the field
  2. Evaluate
    1. Repair or Replace
    2. Retrofit or Upgrade
  3. Repair or Replace
    1. Valves and components
    2. Controls
    3. Resins and filter media

Typical Repair Service Problems

Res-Kem's service teams often see these types of problems in the field:

  1. Leaking equipment, caused by problems with valves, O-rings, and gaskets.
  2. Water quality is less than the standards required for the application.
  3. An off-line mechanical or electrical failure has disrupted the water treatment equipment.
  4. Non-functioning multiport valves
  5. Defective control valves

Repair Service Benefits

A water treatment system problem that requires attention is never a good situation, but Res-Kem's service can provide these benefits:

  1. Faster response to having your system functioning properly
  2. Quick response to emergency repair situations
  3. Technical advice for any water treatment equipment is available to help solve your problem or narrow down the problem.

Repair Parts

Res-Kem inventories a wide variety of valves, repair kits and components for many types of equipment; including: multiport valve and diaphragm valve repair kits, brine system components, manway / handhole gaskets, UV bulbs, filter cartridges, filter media, activated carbon and ion exchange resins.

Factory Trained Service Crews

Using OSHA-certified, factory-trained service crews, Res-Kem can provide complete expert repair services. Res-Kem offers service for equipment manufactured by Res-Kem or by other equipment providers. Our crews may include mechanical/electrical engineers, field service technicians and operators. For new, old or retrofit systems, we are knowledgeable across a wide spectrum of systems and are trained in field programming of most controls.

Res-Kem Repair Services for All Types of Equipment

Res-Kem's service can be provided for all types of water treatment equipment and systems, including:

  1. Water filtration systems
  2. Water softeners
  3. Dealkalizers
  4. Demineralizers / Deionizers
  5. Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems
  6. Ultra pure water systems
  7. Ultraviolet (UV) systems
  8. Condensate Polishers

Industries Served

Res-Kem has water treatment repair service customers in the following industries:

  1. Chemical
  2. Institutional
  3. Commercial
  4. Power industry
  5. Pharmaceuticals
  6. Municipal water treatment
  7. Beverage bottling

Contact Res-Kem LLC - Your Water Treatment Equipment Repair Service Experts

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