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General Water Services, a sister company of Res-Kem Corp, is a regional service company delivering portable deionized water tanks within a service area running north to south from Maine to North Carolina and east to west from coastal New Jersey to Harrisburg, PA.

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Activated Carbon and Granular Activated Carbon offered by Res-Kem

Res-Kem LLC is a leading master distributor of activated carbon, granular activated carbon, and liquid phase activated carbon. We are a stocking distributor for Calgon, Jacobi, Norit and our own Res-Karb brand activated carbon. All products meet or exceed AWWA B100 and are listed under NSF Standard 61.

Technical Assistance

Unlike many distributors, Res-Kem manufactures activated carbon filters and has engineers and activated carbon specialists on staff to assist you in the selection of the best liquid phase activated carbon for your application regardless of your industry. Specializing strictly in water treatment, Res-Kem has the experience to assist you in:

  1. Choosing the correct size activated carbon (gac) - 8x30 mesh, 12x40 mesh, 20x50 mesh
  2. Choosing the correct base product - bituminous coal, coconut, lignite
  3. Determining the best metric - iodine number,molasses number, surface area, peroxide number

(Note: granular activated carbon is sometimes mistakenly referred to as granulated activated carbon.)

Typical Applications

  1. Taste and Odor Removal
  2. Chlorine Removal / Dechlorination
  3. TOC Reduction
  4. Chloramine removal
  5. RO Pre-treatment
  6. VOC Reduction / Remediation
  7. Color removal

Competitively Priced Options

Res-Kem LLC is not a direct importer of activated carbon. We distribute only for major activated carbon companies whose experience with carbon is long and deep. With our encouragement our major suppliers have developed global supply resources. Our activated carbon suppliers now have factories all over the world including China. You can rest assured that our competitively priced imported activated carbons have been processed to the same high standards as the domestic products. The experience of Res-Kem and the top activated carbon manufacturers in the world are at your service at no extra cost!

Activated Carbon Choices

Res-Kem offers a wide variety of domestic and imported activated carbon choices that cover most liquid phase adsorption processes. We offer the following brands of activated carbon:

Calgon Carbon offered by Res-Kem

Calgon Carbon

  1. Filtrasorb® 100 & 200 - Bituminous coal based activated carbons used for the removal of taste and odor compounds and dissolved organic compounds in potable or waste water treatment.

  2. Filtrasorb® 300 & 400 - Bituminous coal based activated carbons used for the removal of taste and odor compounds and dissolved organic compounds in potable or waste water treatment.

  3. CENTAUR® 12 x 40 - A liquid phase activated carbon manufactured to enhance catalytic functionality. The product is unique in that it concentrates reactants via adsorption and then promotes their reaction on the surface of the pores. Hydrogen Sulfide and Chloramine removal are typical applications.

  4. CPG® LF 12x40 ACID WASHED - Produced with virtually no fines or dust and has a low ash content. CPG LF is made from selected grades of bituminous coal combined with suitable binders to give superior hardness and long life.

  5. Filtrasorb® 600 - A high grade granular activated carbon manufactured and optimized for superior performance in the removal of trace level organics such as MTBE from water.

  6. REACT pH - A granular activated carbon specifically designed to alleviate the pH rise commonly found on start-up of fresh carbon beds.
Res-Karb Carbon offered by Res-Kem


  1. Res-Karb JCL - Our own privately labeled, competitively priced, bituminous coal base activated carbon for the removal of unpleasant taste and odor compounds and dissolved organic compounds. Packaged in convenient 1 cubic foot bags.

  2. Res-Karb JCLAW - Our own privately labeled, cost effective acid washed activated carbon. Processed to have very low fines and dust with low ash content. Packaged in convenient 1 cubic foot bags.

  3. Res-Karb CL - Our private label, cost effective domestic bituminous coal based activated carbon for the removal of unpleasant taste and odor compounds. Manufactured to meet a low iron spec especially for the residential market. Packaged in convenient 1 cubic foot bags.

  4. Res-Karb CS1240 - A coconut base carbon. The physical characteristics of coconut shell activated carbon, including its superior hardness, make it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial applications such as bottling, brewing, and ultrapure water. This coconut carbon is especially effective at removing trace organic compounds such as THMs.

Jacobi Carbon

  1. AquaSorb 1000 - A water- washed medium activity granular activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from selected grades of bituminous coal. The product is the entry-level drinking water carbon, suitable for a wide range of drinking water applications.

  2. AquaSorb 2000 - A high activity granular activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from selected grades of bituminous coal. This carbon is water washed during manufacture and wets rapidly. The excellent hardness and mechanical strength ensures negligible losses during backwashing, air scouring and multiple reactivations.

  3. AquaSorb H200 - An acid washed high purity high activity granular activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from selected grades of bituminous coal.


  1. HYDRODARCO 3000/4000 Products - Activated carbons designed for water treatment applications. This lignite base activated carbon has wide pore size distribution and large pore volume. These characteristics provide rapid adsorption rate and high capacity for dissolved organics.

  2. NORIT GAC40S - A granular activated carbon produced by steam activation of select grades of coal. Offers excellent adsorption properties and is recommended for removal of impurities from water and industrial process applications.

A Variety of Packaging Options

  1. 55 pound bags / 25 kg
  2. 1 cubic foot plastic bags
  3. 1 cubic foot paper bags
  4. 1,000 pound Supersacks

Industries Served

Res-Kem has activated carbon customers in the following industries:

  1. Food and Beverage
  2. Power plants
  3. Co-Generation plants
  4. Municipal water treatment plants
  5. Chemical plants
  6. Refineries
  7. Pharmaceuticals

Turnkey Services

Res-Kem is a uniquely qualified provider of complete activated carbon change-out services for water treatment equipment used in commercial and industrial applications. This service is offered in the mid-Atlantic and northeastern USA. Res-Kem has been rebedding activated carbon filters of all sizes and configurations on a turnkey basis since 1985. Activated carbon disposal is available.

Spent Carbon Acceptance

Allow Res-Kem to assist you with your spent carbon return. We cannot accept the return of any spent carbon until the material has been tested and approved for reactivation.

NOTE: This service is only available for Calgon Carbon products. We may not accept spent carbon that was not originally purchased from us but will do everything possible to assist you with disposal, regardless of manufacture. Please contact us for specific pricing on this service.

Downloads and Technical Information on Carbon

Click Here for detailed information and downloadable PDF files regarding activated carbon.

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